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There are six different types of traffic through which a visitor comes to any website. Those traffics are Organic traffic, Direct traffic, Paid traffic, Referral traffic, Social Media traffic and Email Marketing traffic. Having a good traffic on your website is quite important and valuable for your business. Let’s for some moments discuss the all the traffic type except the Organic traffic which comes after optimizing a website for Search Engine. If a user lands on your website by entering either the name or the web address (URL) of your website directly in the web browser, those types of traffic are called Direct traffic. If someone lands on your website by clicking on a PPC campaign that traffic is called Paid traffic. People visiting your website from social media platform is called social media traffic. And if sending a personal email mentioning the link to your website along with about some on-going offer on your website and if a person comes to your website through that email that traffic is called email marketing traffic. But if a user searches for a phrase (keyword) on a search engine and gets the web address of your website by the search engine as the result of their search. Traffic comes through this process to your website is called Organic traffic. And this is what SEO is- driving direct traffic to your website. At IMPYE digital marketing we have a team of experts for optimizing your website in a way search engine loves. So contact our support team for quality SEO service.