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Terms & Conditions for Digital Services: At Impye digital Marketing Services, we always keep clients and their requirements at first priority. And in order to provide quality services team, Impye need some degree of freedom and cooperation from our valuable clients. We at Impye do discuss our terms and conditions with clients and clarify all their doubts with honestly before falling into any agreement. Although Impye provides all the facts related to deal with a written agreement to clients, our terms, in general, goes as follow

1. Once the deal is signed by both the sides, Impye expects to pay half of the amount within first 10 days and the reaming half will expect to be paid once the project is completed. This rule is applicable to Web design & development service only. Clients of other services (Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Social Media Optimization, Content Writing, Content Marketing and Graphics Design) are not subject to this condition.

2. For the services of Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Social Media Optimization Impye sign the agreement for certain months. In which we give an overview of our working approach and specify what are the benefits clients will have on the completion of the agreement as the outcome of their investment.

3. In the case of contract brake when a client asks to terminate the deal before the time period mentioned in the deal, Impye will not ask to pay any compensation money to the subjected client. However in that situation, since the agreement has broken by the client before the maturity, Impye will not be bound to bring the result as we promised in the agreement. And the client will be expected to pay for the services team Impye has provided.

4. For the service of web design & development, Impye discusses the requirements of clients very thoroughly and clearly. And we start to develop the website once the client approves the design and functionality. We allow some minor changes in the design and functionality of the website in the middle of the development. However, the complex and time modifications and changes may cost some additional cost to the client.

5. For the services of Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, and Social Media Optimization, we Impye will not run any paid campaign at the default service cost. In case the when a client will ask Impye to run any paid campaign, the client will have to pay the campaign and the professional charge to Impye.

6. For the services of Content writing and Graphics design in general Impye will expect client to pay for the service after completion of the task.